Alexandra Van Horn

Alexandra Van Horn

I am Greg’s oldest ‘friend’… well, not ‘oldest’ friend, but as his mom, I was there when he arrived on planet earth… so I’ve known him the longest.. I am firmly convinced that my computer career, way back in the day (even before PC’s!) at Johnson and Johnson, when I was pregnant, laid the blueprint for his ‘techie’ mind. Waddling around amidst all the CRT’s*, printers, plotters, and disk drives the size of washing machines, I must have breathed in the ‘techie germ’ and voila! Greg was born…

Raising techies is not an easy task… I remember one time thinking I was going to put parental controls on the computer, but would have had to ask Greg how to do it. End of story. LOL!

As some of you may know, he is the oldest of three sons and at the ripe age of eight, he became ‘man of the house’.   A self-inflicted ‘tall order’, but he has always carried it well, and so as his mom, I am very proud of him and grateful for him.

I am very excited that he has found his true love in Christine and I welcome her warmly into my heart and our family. I am thrilled to be performing their wedding ceremony… What an unusual and very special honor and opportunity– and another reason for me to be grateful! There’s just so much goodness happening!

I look forward to the next chapter of ‘GRACADVENTURE’! May all their dreams come true!

*for you ‘younguns’, back in the day, that’s what ‘monitors’ were called: CRT’s = Cathode Ray Tubes

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