Brittany Singer: Bridesmaid

Brittany Singer: Bridesmaid

Brittany was one of the “Fab Four” and met Christine when she, Christine, Bronwen & Elaine were young n’ fresh college undergrads at Bucknell. Hailing from Miami and Bucknell’s resident “Chonga,” Brittany helped educate her northeastern peers on chongivian festivities with her Cuban attitude (so spicy!) and random suddenly-I’m-getting-very-loud-out-of-nowhere outbursts. #latinaandproud

She and her poor mother hosted the “Fab Four” on numerous occasions while they Spring Break’ed (broke?) in the 305. Although Brittany came to Bucknell as an innocent, doe-eyed Charlotte (#sexandthecity), she was corrupted by the cold winters, new-found access to alcohol, and ungodly “friendliness” of her friends.

Known to always be punctual and never ever late (ever), “Britt Britt” — or as her former Facebook profile subtly specified, BRITTANY L. SINGER–  loves Hello Kitty and all things Internet meme. She now resides in DC and loves that Christine is now in her home state.

Brittany is looking forward to spending time in Costa Rica and celebrating Christine and Greg’s big day surrounded by those she loves most.

She can’t wait to sing the National Anthem at Christine and Greg’s wedding. She plans on getting Chonga Wild in Costa Rica woooo!!! Her mother would not approve this message.

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