Elaine Teng: Bridesmaid

Elaine Teng: Bridesmaid

Elaine Teng is from and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. She works at Chanel, loves to try everything once, and enjoys eating her way through life. She is up for traveling anywhere – from small Ohioan towns to exhilarating European cities – and can’t wait to adventure to Costa Rica to be a part of Greg and Christine’s wedding!

Elaine met Christine freshmen year at Bucknell University living across the hall from each other. She became “Lainey Boggs” by Christine which unfortunately stuck among friends. They bonded over their love of dancing, group (girl) photos, and shared disdain for Vera Bradley fashion and naïve country folks.

She has a graduate degree in Costuming with a specialized focus on Halloween and music festivals which may come in handy in Costa Rica. She also holds a black belt in hula hooping and welcomes all challengers!

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