How We Met


It’s always interesting to hear how couples meet — some an introduction from a friend or maybe at sports game or during college… Greg and Christine on the other hand met online, but not on a dating site or Facebook.  They met via email.

Greg was opening a new office for his company in NYC and hiring a digital product manager. His recruiter, Annmarie, found Christine and thought she would be a good match!  After a few phone interviews Christine turned down the job but suggested they meet for drink next time Greg was in New York.  Since Greg was never one to pass up an opportunity to “network,” a date was setup.

Greg arrived late as usual to meet Christine and as they started talking, she later admitted that she was taken back to just how witty and handsome he was.  A couple drinks turned into dinner as the conversation eventually left work and moved on to friends and family and realizing they both grew up in New Jersey.  There was instant chemistry and Greg knew Christine felt the same way when she came back from the bathroom and asked… “So why are you single?” Greg knew this was going somewhere.

After dinner they went their separate ways and Greg flew back to Florida, where they continued texting and chatting.  Greg remembers feeling intrigued and curious to see just where this would go because it felt very different.

After a few weeks Greg returned to New York where he and Christine had their first real date, kicking off with a sunset and some glasses of wine. The relationship continued with Greg making frequent trips to New York and Christine visiting Florida.  They went through their share of storms though… Christine was in Florida for the only Tropical Storm of 2012 and Greg was in New York for Hurricane Sandy.  A little rain and wind wouldn’t slow them down! They wandered the streets of New York, traveled to Montauk over the summer, had the best little Christmas Tree in NYC, and then sailed British Virgin Islands for New Year’s where they rode some awesome scooters.  They share a passion for travel, fun, and cheesy tourist sweatshirts!

In March of 2013 Christine moved from New York to the #1 Fun Small Town in America… Delray Beach, Florida.  Shortly after the move, their family grew when they adopted Nala Fancy Pants – the most fun loving Goldendoodle in all the land!  In Florida they would go to Miami Heat Games and generally make asses out of themselves!

In June they left on a GracAdventure – a two month trip around the world.  It was in Mykonos, Greece, where Greg asked Christine to marry him… in case you weren’t sure she said yes!  They continued their travels through Europe and Asia where enjoyed way too much local food, local beverages, and local customs.  They squeezed in time for Greg’s favorite outdoor activity Kayaking – just ask Christine how that went – and of course for some amazing scuba diving.

Since returning to the US their passion for travel continued with trips to Vermont and California and creating their new life together at home with Nala. They are really excited for all their friends and family to take part in their wedding and share in the Costa Rica experience!


So you might be wondering what GRAC means. If you don’t know, ask : )