Lauren Gordon: Maid of Honor

Lauren Gordon: Maid of Honor

Lauren Gordon was born and raised in the same area of New Jersey as Christine, so please excuse her loud mouth, tendency to have a bit too much fun, and hopefully only the occasional curse. She met Christine in high school where they tore it up on the soccer field and eventually Lauren followed her to Bucknell.

Their fates were sealed when Christine took Lauren under her wing as her Big in their sorority and although Christine did not haze her, they did enough hazing of themselves. They share a love of water sports, doodles (the dog kind), and basically any hashtag that will get them more likes on pictures of their doodles #doodles #dog #puppies #instapet. Always two steps behind Christine in life, Lauren relies on her for advice on anything from careers to navigating self-inflicted sticky situations.

Lauren is currently residing in New York and working at MTV in Times Square, the only jungle she truly fears. She is up for any adventure and not afraid of taking a bit of a risk while seeking thrills so don’t be afraid to ask her to follow you into the real jungle! She is more than honored to be Christine‚Äôs Maid of Honor, cannot wait to explore Costa Rica with everyone and most of all she is beyond excited to watch Christine marry her true partner in crime.

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