Orens and Bernard Yaged

Orens and Bernard Yaged

We are delighted that Christine has met her love and chosen her partner for life in Greg. Since she was a young child, she has always been a determined, decisive, a little stubborn, mini-mom to her brothers, and seeing Christine grow from that child, who thought she knew everything to an adult (who now knows at least a little bit more) has been a wondrous journey and an amazing pleasure.

We are proud to be able to see our eldest child and only daughter get married to her One and Only (she promised to wear that wedding dress every Sunday) in Costa Rica. We’re looking forward to welcoming all of Greg’s family and their close friends to Manual Antonio and hope you can join us as we host the “All White Welcome Party” on Friday, the night before the wedding. — Orens

Please join me in celebrating this major milestone in Christine’s life, and in mine as father of the bride.  Thinking back I can recall some of the chapters in the book of our lives, starting with her birth day.  The next biggie was walking her to the school bus stop for the first time – very traumatic . . . for me.  Then high school graduation, transporting Christine and her belongings to Bucknell, Bucknell graduation, and moving her myriad belongings back home.

This wedding is perhaps the biggest milestone of all; like the others, it marks a new chapter which builds on the previous chapters.  For me it will be just as traumatic and happy as the rest, with tremendous love and hope for Christine and Greg.  They are both great people, and a great couple. I will be pleased to see our many friends and family in Costa Rica for this happy event in exotic surroundings.

I wish them a successful life together.  身體健康,百年好合,白頭到老。多乾杯。

Who among you can resist the challenge of finding out what I just said?

:>)  Bernie

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