Ryan Van Horn: Groomsman

Ryan Van Horn: Groomsman

Who am I?? I am Ryan VanHorn, Greg’s older brother, but due to mix up at the baby batter factory I was born 21 months later. As blossoming youngsters we did what most kids did growing up in the sticks of rural NJ… Greg sat on his computer while I was outside playing man hunt or digging holes for some reason.

Here is a bit of constructive criticism Greg: Never play half of a game of man hunt! This was one of Greg’s infamous traits. He would hide first and me, as an expert in reconnaissance, would find him quickly. Then it came for the second half of the round where it was Greg’s turn to do the hunting… but somewhere between 1 and 100 he found his way back to his Packard/Bell, and there I was laying in a mound of tick-infested dried leaves.

We enjoyed watching the illustrious Saturday TV viewing schedule that included: Pacific Blue, BayWatch, A-Team, MacGyver, Beverly Hills 90210, and a hell of a lot of Xena: The Warrior Princess… She was hott… Growing up in a house with a single mother, it’s the closest us kids got to porn.

When we weren’t watching TV or sitting in a pile of leaves, we played a ton of street hockey which later turned into regular hockey and a new full time job for our mom. 4am practices and trips to the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania was a standard day for the VanHorns. That schedule pretty much ate up most of our time.

I later ventured into triathlons and mountain biking in which I was a lone ranger and basically lived in and out of the woods for the next 10 years. I graduated high school and left 2 days later for a summer Aerospace Engineering Programing at Embry Riddle in Daytona Beach, Florida.

After about 3 months I decided that Florida stunk and headed back home to NJ. Upon my arrival back in the homeland, I found out that my mom had sold our house in NJ and was moving to Florida to help Greg with an Internet start up which he got into a few months earlier. Crap. So the year is 2004 and I’m moving away from the homeland of Northwestern NJ to the wonderful, sultry state of blue-haired geriatrics, terrible pizza, and drivers so bad they make the Russians look good. South Florida. I eventually got yanked in to the world of internet startups and shutdowns. Then one thing led to another and Greg and I been working together for the past 9 years.

Since moving to Florida I also picked up a few new hobbies like scuba diving and fishing which we try to get around to when time allows. I also have a new family which includes Jessica, our daughter Madison and 3 terrible dogs that ruin everything. I am currently working on a self-accredited Ph.D in useless information with the hopes of one day coming in 3rd place in Jeopardy.

Please find me at Christine and Greg’s lovely wedding in Costa Rica if you’d like to discuss any or all of the top 20 Reddit posts of the week. #rising

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